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Souvenir Special Book – Immigration to Western Australia

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A Pictorial Parade of Western Australia


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104 Pages    248 Photographs     A4 Landscape Book.

Publisher:   Lucio Macchia         December  15   2010

Language:   English

Product Dimensions:   A4 Landscape

Shipping Weight:  553 grams   By Air

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Customer Reviews  

“Wonderful Publication on early Western Australia”  Hon Colin Barnett MLA Premier of Western Australia

“Wonderful Publication”  Hon John Castrilli MLA Minister for Local Government, Heritage, Citizenship and Multicultural Interest

“An Excellent  Book on Western Australia”  Tony Rondoni

“Brilliant as always”   Melissa Anderson.

“Very informative Excellent”  Mark Whitehouse.

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Western Australia at its Best

A video postcard of Western Australia. Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is built on the banks of the Swan River. Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling. Western Australia is the largest state in the Commonwealth. It covers an area of 2,525,000 square kilometres or 1,000,000 square miles. It is 4 times the size of Texas.

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